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19:00 // Vitalic

Beatgate Presents;

Vitalic (live) l Keep It Real Series #002

11NOV2023,Saturday – 19:00-01:00

”Keep the Underground Alive” motto and one after another
the underground spirit of the city for 16 years with original event concepts
Beatgate, the second in his new series “Keep It Real”.
the world-famous DJ known by the stage name “VITALIC” /
Welcomes producer Pascal Arbez-Nicolas.
On the night of 11 November, Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage will host
the event, who released his first EP in 2001 and is known for his electronic music
who has left 20 years behind in his career, has travelled all over the world.
French Techno, which meets with great fan bases at its location
Vitalic, one of the great stars of the stage, is scheduled to appear on 11 November 2023
Save the date in your diary for his performance in Istanbul
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Vitalic, who we know under the stage name Vitalic, is a musician who plays electro, techno and house
as well as
elements of classical, rock, italo-disco and 70s electronic music
world-renowned French DJ & Producer Pascal Arbez’
by constantly reinventing itself in different forms of electronic music.
blends her colours with her high energy. Another Aka, “Dima
and world-famous artists such as Daft Punk, Björk, Royksopp, Paul Kalkbrenner
artists, as well as many different DJs, producers and
for many years with the remixes he made to the pieces of the artist
that he was the centre of attention. Vitalic’s statement to Mixmag
his perspective on music and the spirit of music with an excerpt from the interview
we have the opportunity to see it from his perspective.
”In all my productions I create my sound
you may recognise them, but in essence they are all very different from each other.
And the reason for that is that I only play music to make people dance.
I’m not a producer. The need to tell a story with my music
I feel, many things to be inspired in transformation and change
I just follow my impulses and what I enjoy.
“I do, they are already renewing themselves over time


A producer that’s perpetually reinventing himself, Vitalic is able to mix techno, rock, disco, pop and punk with equal energy. And yet Vitalic is much more than just the sum of his studio albums – from the very beginning of his career, he has proved his love for electronic live shows, a genre that he has legitimised (in the same way as Etienne de Crécy, Daft Punk and Justice, for example) through his electrifying, near-psychedelic concerts. Recently resurrecting his alias Dima with which he started attracting attention back in the day, remixing the greats such as Daft Punk, Björk, Royksopp, Paul Kalkbrenner but also Indochine, Etienne Daho, Amadou and Mariam and many others; Vitalic never stops. He forms the duo KOMPROMAT with Rebeka Warrior (ex Sexy Sushi), and in the process, celebrates twenty years of his career, announcing the release of his fifth album DISSIDÆNCE.