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Runing Order:

19:00 // Skream

Beatgate Presents;

Skream // Keep It Real Series #003

13OCT2023,Friday – 19:00-01:00


Beatgate, which combines the underground music culture of Istanbul with the unique
event concepts it has created, will host the UK’s cult name Skream at Zorlu PSM
100% Studio stage on the night of 13 October as part of its new series ‘Keep It Real

Skream, who is one of the doyen of Dubstep, one of the newest music genres that
the 2000s gifted us; Skream, who combines his direction with the sounds he has
created between disco, house and techno triangle as time goes by, has made his
mark in the last 15 years and achieved success that many names in the electronic
music habitat want to achieve, although he is still in his early 30s.

In the last few years, Skream has had the opportunity to share the depth of his
musical knowledge by playing sold out ‘Open To Close’ concept parties on stages
around the world and received full marks from the authorities.


As one of the UK’s best-loved selectors Skream has enjoyed the kind of consistency most DJs and producers can only dream of. His passion for collecting and playing music is unrelenting; disco, house, techno and everything in between… it runs deep into his core and he lives it every single day. Still only in his early thirties, Skream has achieved more in the last 15 years than most people do in a lifetime, yet his hunger and enthusiasm is akin to that of a man who is only just getting started…

Skream’s history is well documented; a love affair with music that was triggered by his older brother, Hijak. DJing since he was 11. Making music at 15 and one of the key innovators at the birth of dubstep. All before he’d left his teens. With his place in UK music history already assured, he could have easily kicked back and taken advantage of his legendary status. Instead he opted to make the transition to disco, house and techno, leaving the dubstep world to do his own thing, in typical Skream style.